Tricks & Treats: Five Unexpected Ways to Use House of Hilt Skincare
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Tricks & Treats: Five Unexpected Ways to Use House of Hilt Skincare

We love using our products according to their directions, but we have also discovered that they are incredibly versatile and can be used on everything from our lips to our cuticles. So today, we’re sharing all our tricks. We hope this list provides some inspiration for your next home spa day!

1. After you’ve patted Amber Primrose Facial Oil into your skin, use any that’s left over on the ends of your hair to hydrate and tame flyaways.

2. Sprinkle one shake of Blueberry Enzyme Epifoliant into one or two pumps of Herbal Mint Cleanser for a lovely, exfoliating masque.

3. Cherry Plum Peel is a great spot treatment if you have a blemish, thanks to its fruit acids and antioxidants.

4. Brightening, hydrating Illuminating Eye Crème works wonders on the delicate skin around the eyes, but it’s also a beautifully hydrating lip treatment. Pat some on before bed and say good-bye to parched lips.

5. Massage Ocean Berry Gommage onto your elbows to reveal glowing, soft skin.

What are your favorite out of the box ways to use your House of Hilt skincare? Share with us on social media @houseofhilt!

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