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Proper skincare knows no gender; men need great skincare just as much as women.  This Father’s Day, pamper any man in your life with powerful botanicals!

Keeping skincare simple with lots of versatility is important for busy gentlemen. That’s why we created the Gentleman’s Essentials Kit. It includes full-size versions of our Herbal Mint Cleanser, Avocado Rosehip Moisturizer and Illuminating Eye Crème as well as a travel jar and travel bag for when he's on the go.

Herbal Mint Cleanser is excellent for the active man as the blend of Peppermint, Aloe and Green Tea keep the skin clean without stripping. Cleansing is especially important at night to remove sunblock and the debris of the day followed by a second cleanse to thoroughly clarify the skin. Avocado Rosehip Moisturizer refreshes and nourishes the skin while also hydrating. Especially helpful for the active gentlemen, this lightweight herb-infused moisturizer will be your man’s new favorite. Illuminating Eye Crème features high-performance ingredients designed to reflect light and add brightness, perfect for tired dads!

Looking for something a little more a-peeling? Treat Dad to both our Blueberry Enzyme Epifoliant and our Chili Cherry Plum Peel.  The perfect one two punch for polished skin!

Men’s skin tends to be much thicker and oilier than women’s so men can generally handle more exfoliation. Our Blueberry Enzyme Epifoliant is a unique powdered enzyme exfoliant designed to gently buff away rough layers. Follow it up with a generous layer of Chili Cherry Plum Peel. The combination of fruit enzymes and plant-based alpha-hydroxy-acids will remove excess oil, soften large pores and reduce brown spots.

Another must-have on our list for any pampered man is our Amber Primrose Facial Oil.

This therapeutic, quick-absorbing blend of restorative oils helps calm breakouts and soothe impaired skin. It works amazingly well post-shave and also doubles as a beard oil.

Discover our House of Hilt collection and treat Dad to the gift of distinguished skincare. Happy Father’s Day to all the dear Dads out there!

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