A Simple Routine for Glowing Summer Skin
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A Simple Routine for Glowing Summer Skin

We believe a good skincare routine doesn’t need to be complicated or involve a medicine cabinet full of potions and lotions. Below, you’ll find our go-to Summer skincare routine, using just three of our Plant Based, Toxin Free, Filler Free products with straightforward, good-for-you botanical ingredients. Soon you’ll see radiant, hydrated skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

Cleanse with our cooling Herbal Mint Cleanser. This cleanser is specifically formulated to balance and refresh skin. It’s beautifully soothing, thanks to the inclusion of aloe and green tea, effective—and it smells like heaven. 

Step 2: Exfoliate

A few times a week, add a nickel-sized amount of Blueberry Enzyme Epifoliant (TM) to your routine. Shake into your palm and add a few drops of water to create a paste, or add to your cleanser for a two-for-one cleansing/exfoliating experience. Rinse generously with warm water and marvel at how glowy and polished your complexion is.

Happy Summer! 

Step 3: Moisturize

Finish with a dollop of our dreamy Avocado Rosehip Moisturizer. This herbal cream is deeply hydrating, thanks to the inclusion of creamy avocado and soothing rosehip. Basil, CoQ10 and parsley round out the list of soothing ingredients. You'll feel a lovely, cooling sensation as you massage it into your skin.



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