House of Hilt Customer Spotlight: Asa Thomas
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House of Hilt Customer Spotlight: Asa Thomas

Welcome to a new series in which we ask our customers to share their House of Hilt skincare routine! We spoke with Asa Thomas, Director of Sales for Art Ovation hotel in Sarasota, Florida. Asa shares her skin type, the House of Hilt products she loves most and why she feels our products have transformed her skin.

Tell us a little about you.

I was born and raised in Orlando and moved to Sarasota in July 2018 to become director of sales for Art Ovation.

What's your skin type? 


Which House of Hilt products do you use? 

Cherry Plum Peel, Herbal Mint Cleanser and Ocean Berry Gommage. 

How have they worked for you and your skin? 

My skin has really cleared up and I have fewer breakouts, and my dark spots have cleared up. Plus, they’ve balanced my skin so I’m not oily all day.

What's your favorite thing about your House of Hilt products? 

That they are natural. I feel great about what I’m putting on my skin. It’s important to have a consistent skin regimen. Not all products are good for you. Read labels and research the products before using them.

What's your skincare philosophy? 

You take care of your skin and it will take care of you!

Shop the post: 

Ocean Berry Gommage

Herbal Mint Cleanser

Cherry Plum Peel

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