Chili Peppers Are Beneficial For Your Skin. Here’s Why.
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Chili Peppers Are Beneficial For Your Skin. Here’s Why.

Our spicy Chili Cherry Plum Peel utilizes the stimulating, detoxifying properties of hot chili peppers to increase blood flow and circulation. 


Chili peppers have been used in skincare since the turn of the 20th century. In fact, those early treatments are what inspired our Chili Cherry Plum Peel. This product will stimulate, rejuvenate and detoxify your skin.
    When applied to the skin, the heat in chili peppers stimulates blood flow and brings nutrients to the surface of the skin. Those nutrients can enhance collagen production, help flush capillaries and plump the skin, providing a natural, radiant glow.
      Each Chili Cherry Plum Peel contains our proprietary chili pepper blend, which is powerful but not irritating and has been carefully tested on a variety of skin types. In addition to the warmth of the peppers, lactic and glycolic acids dissolve dead skin cells and other debris, providing amazing resurfacing benefits.
      While your skin will look flushed after using this product, any pinkness is safe and temporary. The flush from this peel is no different than the one you get when you work out or take a hot shower. 
      We recommend enjoying the Chili Cherry Plum Peel once a week at night as an at-home treatment. Apply a thick layer to your face, neck and chest and allow to sit for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with tepid water and follow with Firming Peptide Serum or Amber Primrose Facial Oil to nourish your glow!
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