Celebrate National Tea Month With This Hot Steam Ritual
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Celebrate National Tea Month With This Hot Steam Ritual

January is National Tea Month, and we think it’s the perfect time of year for enjoying a comforting cup. Even better is combining your tea ritual with a spa night at home. The next time you are ready to unwind after a busy day, try our invigorating peppermint hot tea steam. 

Here’s what you will need:

A large pot or basin

Hot water

3 organic peppermint tea bags

A large, soft towel

House of Hilt Herbal Mint Cleanser

House of Hilt Avocado Rosehip Moisturizer

House of Hilt Amber Primrose Facial Oil

Begin by thoroughly cleansing your skin with our Herbal Mint Cleanser. The peppermint will invigorate your senses and set the stage for the tea ritual to follow.

Fill a large pot or basin with hot water and steep the peppermint tea bags for about five minutes. Remove the tea bags, then add a little more hot water to create more steam. Position your face about 10 inches away from the basin, close enough to feel the steam on your skin. Cover your head with the towel to keep in the heat, and relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the steam treatment for three to five minutes.

Once you’ve completed your steam, apply a small amount of Avocado Rosehip Moisturizer to wet hands with one drop of our aromatic Amber Primrose Facial Oil and massage gently into the skin. The lovely botanical aroma is transporting, and the basil and parsley will lift your spirits and complete your ritual.

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