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Packaged to Perfection

Have you ever wondered why House of Hilt exclusively uses glass bottles for our products? Not only do they look lovely displayed on one’s vanity but they serve a powerful purpose as well. Here are a few reasons why:

Plastic is harmful to the earth and your skin!

  • Plastic is full of harmful chemicals like BPA (Bisphenol A) which can cause hormone disruption and even a variety of diseases. When skincare is packaged in plastic, these harmful toxins can seep into your product. This is especially true when plastic containers are exposed to heat from a steamy shower and warm bathroom. (This also applies to food storage containers which is why we also love glass for food as well!) 


Glass helps ingredients stay pure and powerful!

  • House of Hilt products have a potent level of plant-based ingredients in our formulas, like in our Amber Primrose Face Oil which has a concentrate of 25% Vitamin C. Packing our hand-crafted skincare in glass which is non-porous helps keep its intended level of efficacy to deliver the results intended!


Glass can be recycled.

  • Did you know that about 70% of what sits in landfills is a result of disposed personal care products? Since we obviously love our plants, we also love Mother Earth and want to help lessen what goes into a landfill, because unfortunately, plastic isn’t always and can’t always be recycled. (Every municipality has different rules as to what gets recycled so even though you may be doing your part, it may not get recycled on the backend.) Once our products have been thoroughly enjoyed and used in their entirety, our customers can recycle or even better re-use the glass as they choose. Perhaps a single rose placed in one of our cleanser bottles or cotton rounds stored in our jars? 


Our beautiful frosted glass also lends itself to a delightful spa experience at home and sets the tone for what we hope is the most relaxing part of one’s day ~ their skincare regimen! Since we do our routines twice a day, we feel every aspect of it should be thrilling and luxurious!

Rest assured that our ingredients are lovingly hand-blended and hand-filled into our luxurious frosted glass for a great reason. Your support of House of Hilt not only benefits your skin but the Earth as well!

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