Stress and Your Skin
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Stress and Your Skin


Everyone faces stress at points in their lives. That all-too-familiar feeling of your heart racing, palms perspiring and mind racing can send anyone into a tailspin of emotion. Stress stimulates hormones excreted by our adrenal glands. This overproduction of hormones can negatively affect our skin by stimulating our sebaceous (oil) glands to overproduce sebum (oil). This can lead to unwanted breakouts, enlarged pores, and blackheads. Stress can also increase inflammation in the body which makes the skin quite sensitive, red, and easily irritated. 

Fortunately, there’s much we can do to stop and reverse the ill effects of stress on the skin! Here are three simple tips to help can combat the effects of stress on the skin:

  • Practicing deep breathing and meditation. Both help lower blood pressure and reduces stress, helping to make you feel more focused, calm, and zen. If movement is your thing, try adding Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qigong into your workout routine.  All include breath, mediation, and mindfulness, and help to destress.
  • Simplify your life!  Clutter has been shown to cause stress. (There's a reason people naturally want to clean when they are stressed!)  Don't stop at decluttering your home, also be sure to declutter your personal care products getting rid of those you don't need or use!  
  • Use botanicals like the proprietary blends used in House of Hilt products. Not only will our products help with your stress-based breakouts, but the aromatherapeutic qualities will also calm your mind and elevate your mood. Be sure to take in the smell as you apply your products.

So breathe deep, and remember you’re powerful! Incorporating these simple tips into your lifestyle will help calm any stressed-out skin.

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