Spring Into Skincare
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Spring Into Skincare

Spring has sprung and at House of Hilt. We are embracing this new season!  Enjoy all things spring and sparkling in your home, your wardrobe and your skincare. Here are some simple ways to update and optimize this Spring. 

  1. Spring clean your product shelves. Toss anything that’s expired or pass along anything that doesn’t work for you onto a friend. You’ll free up space for new products that serve you well. 
  2. Clean your makeup brushes and accessories. Our Herbal Mint Cleanser is an excellent brush shampoo with its antibacterial benefits. Swipe your lash curler with alcohol and freshen up any sponges with a good wash and rinse. 
  3. Exfoliate! Say goodbye to dry winter skin and reveal a youthful, spring glow. Our Ocean Berry Gommage will help usher in spring while making your skin feel silky soft. 
  4. Wear your SPF, hat and sunglasses. Nicer weather means more time outdoors. Be sure to reapply your sunblock every 90 minutes to 2 hours to keep those damaging UV rays at bay. 
  5. Embrace the power of plants. Botanically-based ingredients work with the skin to reduce the signs of aging. Enjoy the refreshing aromas, antioxidant support and watch your radiant complexion bloom!
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