What Does Bio Available Really Mean?
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What Does Bio Available Really Mean?

What Does “Bio Available” Really Mean?

If you have heard the term “Bio Available” being used recently and were wondering what that means for you and your skin then let us break it down for you.

   If you recall the first line of your Biology book, “Bio” means life. When paired with “Available” a word that is regularly used by skincare companies to highlight ingredients in the product being “available” or recognized and utilized by your cells. If a product is going to be truly bio available it has to have the right dose of bio available ingredients in the right base to make a difference in your skin. For example, a product may say it is made with bio available ingredients, but may contain a low dose yielding few results. For some products, ingredients are trapped in silicone and other fillers that stop the bio available ingredients from going anywhere except the surface of your skin, only to be washed away.

 It's All About The Base and The Dose!

The key to remember is the base and the dose.  For example, if you had a headache and took a quarter of the recommended dose, you may not receive the full pain-relieving benefits you were looking for. If you were using a brand of pain killer that had low quality “cheaper” ingredients, your result may also not be the result you had hoped for.  If you went to the Dr. for a prescription pain killer then you would most likely receive even more pain killing benefits because the pain killer would be at a higher, but prescribed, and correct dose. Once you found the brand that offered the most relief you would surely select that as your brand of choice for your medicine cabinet.


 All the Good Goes In

At House of Hilt our goal is to make full strength products with only bio available ingredients and no fillers, because that is what is needed to transform your skin. We are 100% committed to using the highest quality ingredients we can find because if it works it’s worth it!  There's no sense in making products that don't do what they say they will do.

Our products are pure, high quality, unadulterated and your skin knows exactly how to utilize every single part of them. We could have used the cheaper ingredients, but we said no, we want the best, only the best, then we will see the best results we can possibly achieve! We searched the world for the very best plants for anti - aging and brightening, to capture their essences, with a chemical make-up that we knew we would penetrate from the top layer of your skin to the dermis, where transformation happens!

Your serums and moisturizers should be packed with bio available ingredients and a very small percentage of space in the bottle should be reserved for a natural preservative. 

We created House of Hilt. We wanted to see what we could do when we bottled pure, bio available ingredients with the highest quality and maximum doses. What we have seen is radiant results.


With Love,
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