"I love all of the organic, plant-based House of Hilt products. They are natural and effective. Plus, the company was founded by two local women." - Dr. Jill Morris


"I believe in nutritional health and I love and believe in the idea of plant based nutrition, for my skin!  Using the House of Hilt products means just that.  Knowing their commitment to the highest quality of ingredients, to produce such beautiful results,  is very meaningful to me. The result of which is, that my skin glows - it feels plump, hydrated and nourished!  There are so many product lines out there - this skin care line and their story is worth committing to!" - Andrea Hillebrand


"I feel like I no longer have to wear foundation because of the confidence I've found in taking care of my skin and using products that make it feel amazing. Can I please just take a bath filled with House of Hilt products?!" - Caron Morgan


"My skin has really cleared up. I have fewer breakouts, and my dark spots are gone. Plus, the products have balanced my skin." - Asa Thomas


"I love, love, love the Amber Primrose Facial Oil. It's invigorating on my skin and gives me a more youthful, healthy glow. There's no need for an additional moisturizer; I just use the APO, and I’m good to go." - Nancy Green


"No. 1: They work and make my skin feel and look nourished. No. 2: they smell fantastic! I want products that make my skin look hydrated, fresh and plump, not tired. With House of Hilt products, I feel confident going out with zero makeup on, and now I do, all the time!" - Mayra Schmidt




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Simply powerful in a very small amount. Non greasy and great aroma.

Forever Client

I wish I could remember the date Jackie included me in the test group as she developed the HILT product line. That is the day the skin around my eyes got brighter, softer and so much better! We are aging beautifully together! Illuminating eye crème will be with me Forever!


This cleanser is amazing. Cleans off all of my makeup easily and still leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated. A game changer!

I use this cleanser everyday. My skin feels so smooth and silky. Best cleanser I’ve ever had.

Facial oil

A little bit goes a long way. My skin feels so much better. No more dry skin. It’s silky and does wonders for me.

Refined skin

I love how this product prepares my skin for the other skin products in this line of skincare. My skin is so flawless after cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

Amazing glow

This product gives an amazingly healthy glow to my skin. It also leaves my skin smooth. Since using this moisturizer, I ditched primer for my makeup application routine. This leaves my skin with a flawless finish. I love that it’s all natural as well.

Skin soothing

There is so much to rave about this cleanser. It soothes my skin, smells amazing, and prepares my skin for the other amazing products I use from this line of skincare.

Works well for me

It only takes a few drops to see results. It absorbs easily and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft.

So Yummy

I ran out for one week…last time that will happen! Primrose Facial Oil is the best!

Beautiful Primrose Facial Oil

Lovely soft soothing product. Felt like I was getting a facial and it made me feel happy.. highly recommend.


These were the most amazing bath bombs I have ever tried. The smell of them are all so heavenly. They melt in the water and leave this calming aroma. I got a few for my friends for Christmas - they are perfect for the ultimate spa night.

Avocado rose hip moisturizer

This is a beautifully emollient, beautifully scented cream that says “good morning” to my skin everyday! I am a stalwart supporter of this brand! All of their products are perfect for sensitive skin like mine. After 3 months of use my skin has softened so much!

Love this product!

This is a great product. It is light and non greasy and smells divine! I use it after cleansing and before going to sleep. No residue on my pillows and my skin feels more moisturized after using. Will definitely purchase more.

Love this exfoliant!

This is a quality exfoliant that smells good too! My face is smooth and clean after using. I will definitely purchase more! I also like the cleansers and the amber primrose oil after cleansing.

Sample collection

They were a gift for Christmas so I won’t hear any reviews for another week or so.

Soft skin

I love this moisturizer, use in morning before putting on sun screen. Skin is so soft 😀

Just what I needed!

My rose scented Take Time bath Bath Bomb was just what I needed at the end of my day after shopping for "all the trimmings". I look forward to sinking into my Peppermint and Lavender Bombs in the very near future.

This Product is amazing for sensitive skin!!

I've been blessed with good genes and great but sensitive skin. My skin will only respond well to the purest of products. Before I was introduced to Amber Primrose Facial Oil, the only moisturizer I could use was a all natural cucumber/aloe moisturizer. It was good but lacked the skin brightening, protecting and softening agents that the Amber Primrose Facial Oil offers. Now, my skin is bright, soft and even toned. This product is amazing!

Eye cream has helped with wrinkles in corners of eyes 👀

This product helps with puffiness and wrinkles 😊Also put around lips 👄 Great product.

Love the way my skin has responded to facial oil 😊

My skin looks smooth and plump from using this oil morning and night.

Moisturizing Magic?

I crave putting this on my face. It feels so natural, soft and life giving to my skin. Thank You for creating it!

Great service

Love the eye cream. Really does a great job of getting rid of bags under your eyes and making the look more youthful


See the glow on my face? That's thanks to using my House of Hilt cleansing products and the amazing AMBER PRIMROSE FACIAL OIL WITH 25% VITAMIN C! Dark sun spots are fading and it really adds a big dose of moisture - a much needed commodity here in the New Mexico high desert! Love this product!

New to this product

Just started using the blueberry enzyme epifoliant. I use it twice a week mixed with my cleanser and my skin feels clean and smooth, but not stripped. Another great product from House of Hilt!