"I love all of the organic, plant-based House of Hilt products. They are natural and effective. Plus, the company was founded by two local women." - Dr. Jill Morris


"I believe in nutritional health and I love and believe in the idea of plant based nutrition, for my skin!  Using the House of Hilt products means just that.  Knowing their commitment to the highest quality of ingredients, to produce such beautiful results,  is very meaningful to me. The result of which is, that my skin glows - it feels plump, hydrated and nourished!  There are so many product lines out there - this skin care line and their story is worth committing to!" - Andrea Hillebrand


"I feel like I no longer have to wear foundation because of the confidence I've found in taking care of my skin and using products that make it feel amazing. Can I please just take a bath filled with House of Hilt products?!" - Caron Morgan


"My skin has really cleared up. I have fewer breakouts, and my dark spots are gone. Plus, the products have balanced my skin." - Asa Thomas


"I love, love, love the Amber Primrose Facial Oil. It's invigorating on my skin and gives me a more youthful, healthy glow. There's no need for an additional moisturizer; I just use the APO, and I’m good to go." - Nancy Green


"No. 1: They work and make my skin feel and look nourished. No. 2: they smell fantastic! I want products that make my skin look hydrated, fresh and plump, not tired. With House of Hilt products, I feel confident going out with zero makeup on, and now I do, all the time!" - Mayra Schmidt




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Just what I needed!

My rose scented Take Time bath Bath Bomb was just what I needed at the end of my day after shopping for "all the trimmings". I look forward to sinking into my Peppermint and Lavender Bombs in the very near future.

This Product is amazing for sensitive skin!!

I've been blessed with good genes and great but sensitive skin. My skin will only respond well to the purest of products. Before I was introduced to Amber Primrose Facial Oil, the only moisturizer I could use was a all natural cucumber/aloe moisturizer. It was good but lacked the skin brightening, protecting and softening agents that the Amber Primrose Facial Oil offers. Now, my skin is bright, soft and even toned. This product is amazing!

Eye cream has helped with wrinkles in corners of eyes 👀

This product helps with puffiness and wrinkles 😊Also put around lips 👄 Great product.

Love the way my skin has responded to facial oil 😊

My skin looks smooth and plump from using this oil morning and night.

Moisturizing Magic?

I crave putting this on my face. It feels so natural, soft and life giving to my skin. Thank You for creating it!

Great service

Love the eye cream. Really does a great job of getting rid of bags under your eyes and making the look more youthful


See the glow on my face? That's thanks to using my House of Hilt cleansing products and the amazing AMBER PRIMROSE FACIAL OIL WITH 25% VITAMIN C! Dark sun spots are fading and it really adds a big dose of moisture - a much needed commodity here in the New Mexico high desert! Love this product!

New to this product

Just started using the blueberry enzyme epifoliant. I use it twice a week mixed with my cleanser and my skin feels clean and smooth, but not stripped. Another great product from House of Hilt!

Love this!

Amber Primrose oil has really helped with hyper pigmentation from old acne scars and sun damage. It makes my skin feel smooth and moisturized without greasiness. I love it!

Emergency trip!

I was quickly packing for an Emergency trip. It was easy to pack for my daily face regimen! In my limited packing space, I threw in my unopened House of Hilt travel kit in it's pretty black travel bag. I was so smart to have purchased the kit in advance! Now I have the choice to refill or rebuy! I am very impressed that the travel kit used all glass containers. Such a CLASSY company and smart and stylish packaging!

Herbal Mint Cleanser

House of Hilt Herbal Mint Cleanser is the ultimate summer refresher! After an afternoon riding my horse it cools my skin, removes evert trace of sunscreen and revives me! Love it!

Avocado Advocate

Love the product....goes on smoothly and doesn't feel heavy. My skin feels soft but not too shiny...works well under makeup.

This is by far the best cleanser I have ever used!!!! I love the simple smell of it. I wash my face and leave it on my skin for 2 minutes and when I rinse it off it always feels amazing!!! Love it!!!!

This eye cream is amazing! After o my using it a few weeks I have already noticed that my dark circles and puffiness lighten.

I love it

This herbal mint cleanser is glorious!! I love the tingle of mint I feel when I'm washing my face, but it's very gentle. My skin looks great and the smell is intoxicating! House of Hilt products are worth every nickel!!

Avacodo Rosehip

For a very short time That I have been using it I see some changes in my appearance
So far I’m satisfied with the results

Love this product!!!

I want to swim in it I love it it’s not greasy you don’t feel your make up on all day you don’t feel like you need to wash your face it just gives your skin such a nice feeling and the eye cream is outstanding I am so happy I started using it thank you Jackie and Natasha
Bette DiLollo

Gift that keeps on giving

Friends of mine from Sunset Key gifted me with a bouquet of products from House of Hilt, my fav being this amber primrose facial oil. Of course, when the bottle was empty I quickly had to order my own stash. You won't be sorry you tried this.


I like the scrub -it's different from what I'm accustomed to -- I really like the smell and ease of use - but what is best is how it feels extra special on your face after application and rinse

Love, love, love

I adore products effectiveness, wonderful smells and the fact that each are organic with only healthy ingredients. Thank you, House of Hilt for filling a void in my facial skincare world. I'll be ordering more.

Love this cleanser

I am really enjoying the benefits of this high quality cleanser. I know the ingredients are specially formulated to do more than what is intended. I wouldn’t trust my skin to any other products.

Lovely results so far. Will send picture after 30 days. Eye cream Is dreamy and creamy! Feel it all through the night! Thanks, more later!

Traci M.
Amazing Scrub

This scrub is amazing. It came rather quickly in the mail and I used it immediately. The consistency was perfect. Not to thick or watery. The smell is a fresh mild spa like smell. It goes along way. I used a nickel size for my whole face. Once I rinsed off my skin was sooooo smooth and soft. This product is worth every penny! .... and I received 2 bonus trial face cleansers, a personalized note and real (dried) flowers!!

THE best eye cream

This is one of many Hilt products I use. It was the first one I tried and fell in love with it. It’s creamy texture draws you in and you will Never want to use another product. I HIGHLY recommend trying it.

Best oil

I love the Amber Primrose Oil. I don’t know why it took me so long to climb onboard this House of Hilt train. The oil moisturizes so well and smells delightful. I use it nightly on top of my other lotions. In the morning, my skin is soft.