5 simple tips for glowing wedding skin
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5 Tips for Glowing Wedding Skin

Getting ready for an upcoming wedding? Whether you’re the Bride-to-Be, Mother of the Bride or in the Bridal Party, all eyes will be on you on the big day.  

Here are 5 simple tips for gorgeous glowing wedding skin:

  1. ) Manage Stress: We know it’s not exactly a skincare routine tip, but managing stress is an important step in gorgeous skin. Our body can’t tell the difference between good stress, like the stress leading up to the big day, and bad stress. Many inflammatory conditions like psoriasis, eczema and even acne are triggered by stress. So take some time to find some time, even just 5 minutes a day to calm the mind by practicing mindfulness or meditation.
  2. ) Exfoliate and Brighten: We’re a believer in gentle daily exfoliation to slough off dead skin and help improve circulation. Choose a cleanser designed for your skin type like our Carrot Citrus Cleanser or Herbal Mint Cleanser to clean, prime and preps pores for a Brightening Serum like our Amber Primrose Facial Oil is essential in your Wedding day skin prep.
  3. ) Treat Your Skin to Regular Facials: Whether at-home or in the spa, facials are an important part of your skincare routine (and your self-care routine!)  Find a treatment that will achieve your designer results. For at-home spa care, try our Ocean Berry Gommage (normal / combo / oily skin) to exfoliate for glowing results, our Cherry Plum Peel (normal / combo / oily / dry skin) to refresh, brighten and soften skin, or our Blueberry Enzyme Epifoliant to polish to perfection.
  4. ) Skip the Wine: We love our wine but unfortunately, our skin doesn’t! Wine dehydrates the body, leaving those fine lines, deeper wrinkles and dark under-eye circles more noticeable and it also breaks capillaries.  Leading up to the big day, try to skip or even really reduce your wine intake.
  5. ) Don’t forget the Décolletage: It’s the part of the body that we tend to forget about but it’s really an extension of our face! On wedding day, our Décolletage is often exposed in our beautiful bridal attire.  So don’t skip on this part of the body.  Be sure to treat your neck and chest daily with a moisturizing cream like our Avocado Rosehip Moisturizer (normal / combo / oily skin) or  Amber Primrose Facial Oil (all skin types). 
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