What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?
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What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Do you experience dark under eye circles? Well, you’re not alone since it’s a common occurrence with multiple causes. Let’s see what contributes to under eye circles and discover what you can do to reverse the problem.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

Genetics & Aging

There are some factors that are beyond your control such as genetics and natural aging. The fancy term for genetic dark circles is periorbital hyperpigmentation. When this is the driving factor, you may not be able to eliminate them entirely, but there are ways to mitigate the issue.


Lots of sun exposure without water leads to several skin problems such as dryness, wrinkles, eye lines, and dark circles. If you’re like us and live in a sunny and warm place like Sarasota, FL, then you’ll have to pay extra attention to hydration to avoid the dark circles.

Lack of Sleep

You might have heard about this or experienced it yourself if you’re a busy student, hard worker, or struggle with insomnia. It’s important to get your circadian rhythm back on track so that you can improve your complexion and overall skin health.

Excessive Eye Strains

Straining and squinting your eyes has a deleterious effect on both your facial muscles and skin. This creates extra work for the blood vessels in your skin, resulting in discoloration.

Contact Dermatitis

Check some of the products you use because they can cause contact dermatitis. It tends to be a bigger problem with skincare products sourced from lower-quality substances.

Seasonal Allergies

There’s something called allergic conjunctivitis, a type of eye allergy. This is a type of inflammation, and it usually gets worse whenever you rub the area.

Ways to Address Dark Circles Under Eyes

Since your skin reflects your immune system and overall health, it’s important to optimize your body with rest, good food, and vitamin intake. We’re big proponents of Vitamin C for skin health for this reason and more. If you’re looking for reliable skincare products for dark circles, then we have something you should try:

Illuminating Eye Crème

House of Hilt’s Illuminating Eye Crème comes packed with lots of high-performance ingredients that can restore skin brightness. It’s a delightful mixture of several items such as apricot, marshmallow and mango hydrate, shea butter, Amazonian fruit, and more. It’s easy to apply and gets plenty of positive reviews from satisfied customers. Here’s your chance to transform your eyes and be done with the dreaded circles.

We always want to eliminate aggravating skin problems like dark circles at House of Hilt. You don’t have to suffer from poor skin quality any longer when you have access to our plant-based, toxin-free, and all-natural skincare products. If you’d like to learn more beauty secrets or ways to defeat dark circles, then contact us any time for assistance.

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